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Developer Services

At Blue Elephant Realty, we offer a truly unique experience for developers that encapsulates the entire development process. Our services include land acquisition, planning and approval consulting, architectural and interior design, branding and positioning, marketing and advertising, inside sales and customer support and legal counsel all under a single roof. Some of our clients use them all, others choose just the services they need.

From The Founders

“We built a great marketing company to attract Realtors. We then built a great real estate brokerage to build our network of connections and buyers. Now we’ve combined the two with some amazing partners to offer an unmatched end to end service for developers.”


Mark Wadden, Co-Founder

Land Acquisition

We look to form long term relationships with our development partners and that means helping them find their next projects. We have a team of Realtors within the brokerage who are in constant search of developable land. We combine strategic partnerships with aggressive direct prospecting to find properties.

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We have a database of land

We are always aware of land for sale around the GTA.


We agressively search for land

We have a dedicated team of Realtors searching for new land based on what our clients are looking for.


We qualify and match

We qualify opportunities before bringing them to our clients, and match them up with the best development fit.

“Blue Elephant has brought us enough land in the last 6 months to keep our business going for 10 years. Keep it coming!”

Planning & Approvals

From preparing applications to final approvals, we provide end to end planning and approval consulting and guidance.

Navigating the various stages and bureaucratics of the planning and approvals process is one of our strengths. We have built strong strategic partnerships with consultants and local constituents to help our developer clients increase the efficiency of getting their projects approved to the maximum allowable limit.

Advise About Allowable Limits

Prepare All Documents

Work With Committee Of Adjustments

Work With OMB

Architecture and Interior Design

We have worked with a number of architects and interior designers over the years and have built a database of the best. Each of our partners have their owns styles and strengths and we try to match up each development with the team that makes the most sense.


Architecture Services

The use of space, materials and the aesthetics of a project are all equally important contributors to it’s success. Our architectural partners represent the best of the best and we match them up to each project based on property style, type and budget.

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Interior Design Services

The interior design of a property can be one of it’s biggest differentiators. Our interior design partners focus on making things look and feel more premium than they cost. Not only do they bring the highest level of design quality to each project but they also help secure preferred pricing for finishing materials.

“The interior and exterior aesthetics of our development improved the second we brought Blue Elephant through the door. Their team and their taste are as good as it gets.”

Branding and Positioning

Branding is our passion. A brand is so much more than a name and a logo. A brand lays the foundation for any successful project. A good brand is something that people are proud of and want to share with others. We are experts at identifying the needs and wants of our target demographic and then building a brand that resonates with them. At Blue Elephant we keep everything in house, from logo design to brand direction and strategy. Doing so allows us to align every aspect of the development process and gives us the agility to make any on the fly changes that might arise.

Identify the target audience.

Understanding who your audience is and what is important to them is the key to a great brand.

Develop project branding.

We build simple, clean and memorable brands that people care about. The name and logo will help the project stand above the competition.

Align all teams with brand.

Branding starts with a name and a logo, but a successful brand incorporates the needs and wants of the audience in every aspect of the project, from architecture to advertising.

Sample Branding

eden logo mockup 1 white

Marketing and Advertising

Laying a strong foundation makes things fun for our industry leading marketing team. We built our brokerage and our reputation because of our marketing and advertising skill, it is what we are know for in the industry. We use a meticulously tested approach to generating the highest quality and furthest reaching exposure for our clients and to generate qualifies leads. Our advanced advertising technology can pinpoint buyers both locally and abroad who are interested in purchasing properties in a specific price range and area. We use additional technologies to keep our ads in front of prospects wherever they go on the internet so that our project is always front of mind.

Develop marketing plan with budget and timelines.

Where are we going to advertise, how much are we going to spend, and how long do we think sales will take?

Create marketing materials and advertisements.

Develop all the marketing materials, from signage and print materials, to project website and online ads.

Pre-sale teasers and early registrations.

Marketing campaign composed of online ads and on site signage that builds hype and exclusivity for the project. The goal is to capture early leads.

Mass advertising campaigns.

Once the project officially launches, we begin our mass advertising campaign. The most important piece of the plan is to have all the sales and advertising channels working together.

Generate qualified leads.

We are experts at not only getting our ads in front of the right audience but also converting them into leads for our sales team. We constantly monitor and improve the cost per click of our ads and optimize our landing pages to convert visitors into leads. Our conversion rates far exceed industry averages.

Ongoing advertising reporting.

Our technology allows us to monitor our online ads in real time, as well as track leads from our traditional advertising channels. We are then able to send reports back to the developers in real time so they can track the progress.

Our Advertising Stats


Online Ad Views In 2016


Online Leads Per Day

Sample Marketing Materials

Our in house marketing is second to none, and gives us full quality control of each and every one of our materials.

Inside Sales and Customer Support

When you combine a great project, with incredible marketing and advertising, you will be dealing with a large group of qualified leads, now they need to be closed. At Blue Elephant we combine great technology with even better people in order to close the highest number of deals possible for our clients. Every single lead is tracked, nurtured and personally followed up by one of our highly trained team members. We brought together a group of some of the top realtors in the GTA who bring their database and expertise to every one of the projects that we work.

Our Lead to Sale Process

Drive qualified leads to site and capture information.

Our marketing and advertising generates leads with conversion rates significantly higher than the industry average. We are experts at keeping our sales team busy with leads.

Each lead enters an automatic email campaign.

Once a lead signs up on the website, they are automatically entered into an ongoing educational email plan. These emails work hand in hand with our direct follow up.

Each lead is connected with a dedicated Realtor.

Our sales team is made up of our brightest stars. We put our top Realtors on our development projects and they are highly trained and incentivized to succeed.

Leads and lead follow up are tracked through our CRM.

Our CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) is cutting edge and manages a large part of our sales process. It also allows us to track how our Realtors are following up with leads and generates real time pipeline reports for our clients.

Closed leads are assigned a customer care co-ordinator.

We like to keep our sales team focus on sales, which is why we use a dedicated customer support team once a sale has been completed. This leads to a better customer experience and more sales for your project.

Where our leads come from.


Personal Email Database

Our team and their databases.

One of the main reasons we started our brokerage was to grow our personal and professional database in order to benefit our clients. We bring a database of more than 50,000 people to each project.

5 Million

Online Ad Views in 2016

Our marketing and advertising.

While the number of leads that we generate depends on many factors (price, location, advertising budget etc.) one thing is for sure, we get massive exposure for our clients. We are advertising experts both online and off and equally adept at turning prospects into qualified leads. Wether we are targeting local or overseas prospects we find the right clients for your project.


Realtor Email Database

Our Realtor database.

Other Realtors play an important part of the sales process. We have built up a database of more than 3,000 of the top producers in the GTA. For every project we also put together a list of the top Realtors in a specific area over a 5 year period and run custom campaigns for them.


Access to affordable money is one of the most important aspects of a profitable development. We work with a wide range of investors and lenders who specialize in development and construction financing, both private and traditional.

Project Investors

Soft Cost Financing

Construction Financing

Both Private & Traditional Lenders